At Petrea, we believe that one's creativity and flare for fashion is an important part in expressing individuality. We aim to provide a range of both Men's and Women's clothing that will enable our customers to feel confident whilst breaking festival norms and pushing the boundaries behind the ideologies of fashion. With durable fabrics and edgy designs, we hope to facilitate a new era of festival wear which allows our customers to embrace our business's motto 'fashion is expression and creativity is the window to the soul'. 


Business owner and creator, Petrea developed a love for festival fashion after attending a festival at age 18. It was the beauty and reassurance behind a festival's atmosphere that Petrea truly believed that one could fully express themselves via their clothing and that it was indeed a safe forum for this expression to occur. In the past, Petrea found that she didn't blend into the society's norms of what one should and should not wear and thus being in this new kind of environment sparked a tremendous passion of hers that has inevitably led to this clothing line. This passion was also driven by Petrea's desire for acceptance in society as she has first hand experienced how cruel the world can be to those who stray away from what is already known. With hopes to break social norms, add diversity to festival clothing and to promote acceptance within that diversity, Petrea truly believes that festivals will always be seen as a place where creativity and individuality is not only acknowledged but also admired. 

Along with the meaning behind her clothes, Petrea admires designers who pour their heart and soul into what they make and therefore she has used top of the range, delicate fabrics to showcase her work. This brand doesn't just produce generic festival clothing where every second person at a festival is wearing the same thing, this brand produces extraordinary designs and cuts that will truly make you stand out from the crowd. Petrea has deliberately targeted those individuals who place importance on quality of clothing and those who like being that little bit extra. However, Petrea does endeavour to produce more affordable clothing in the future for her clientele that still want to look phenomenal but at a fraction of the cost.